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Without commenting on Ronaldo/ United.. I always find these stats utterly worthless. Would they have been playing with 10 men without Ronaldo in the squad? Would they have left McTominay take pens? Would Liverpool be dead last in the league if you subtract every Allison's save?
I really like Ten Hag's Ajax but I wasn't (still aren't) convinced how he'll be away from the Ajax environment, the players with the technical ability already pre-programmed in them. There is a genuine chance he bombs like Frank de Boer, or he could be the real deal. I guess we're about to find out.

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United fans: "Glazers don't know football. They don't respect the club! The are awful and are unappreciative of our players!"

United fans when Lingard's family echos the same sentiments in regards to Lingard being the only player on a outgoing contract not to get a sending off at the final home game of the season: "Ungrateful wretch! Who does he think he is making demands of the club that made him!?"

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