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did United sign that monster sponsorship deal with Nike they keep announcing for months now? last trace of that i find after a quick search on google is a few weeks ago, but all it says is that they are "set to sign", to be more precise, the earliest date that comes out is 10 or 11 march. should this be interpreted as Nike's reluctance to give them 60-70 million pounds a year now they are crap, or it's just that these negotiations usually take long?
Fucking foreigners like Suarez always diving and cheating....oh.

Anthony Beale

Fool what you want, your life or your jewels?
Is that all your intellect could manage?
What, you want me to fully convey everything my intellect can manage, in one post, on a tottenham forum... at 20 to 6 in the morning. Christ, have some of the local toe rags stolen your brain as well as your hubcaps. (I'm really storming my way through these stereotypes)

More importantly, lets get on to what brings a 39 year old liverpool supporting man, onto a tottenham website, at 5am. Forgive me for thinking you're a bit of a loser.. but.. you can understand. What is it pal? Wife makes you sleep in separate beds? That is if you're even married. Perhaps you just like to be up at this time because its the only time you get to yourself, whilst your mums asleep. Unlike during the day, when she's constantly asking why her 39 year old son is still living at home. Still, at least she doesn't make you pay your dole money towards the rent.
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