Come here to laugh at West Spam

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Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
As a fairly decent human being, I hate to see other people in pain, but think I will make an exception for this lot. Since 'Lasagnagate' they have been unbearable, mostly nasty bits of work. What goes around comes around.




Genuine post on KUMB;

F*ck you Payet
Dimitri Payet
I just don't think you understand
You're not bigger than this club
We won the World Cup
F'uck you Dimitri Payet


Cheatski linked with the mercenary little bastard this morning. Perfect fit for each other.

Snodgrass bid will go to 5,5 million on the back of this #bigclubworldclassstadium :tobyarm:
Do they not remember how they signed him?
" He's done this before"
Yeah, lastly to OM. Your club negotiated a deal with his agent without getting permission from the selling club. You did a snide, underhand move on OM.
He made promises to them, and then told them in the summer he had agreed a massive deal with you and would not be honouring his word.

Yeah it's like one of those people who have an affair with a married person, get them to leave their spouse and then in a few years when history repeats itself get all indignant, surprised and wanting sympathy.

West Ham you are the cheap floozy of the premier league.

Imagine if we won the Premier League at the Olympic stadium and they got relagated on May the 6th , what a beautiful scenario that could be.

Imagine the headlines

Olympic heartache for West Ham as Spurs take gold.
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