Come here to laugh at West Spam

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Smoked Salmon

Finest human being of all time
Whilst you are dropping like a stone towards the relegation zone, a tweet to her customers is what is needed to make everyone feel good.

The replys to this

Putting aside the humour value, that post is truly a disgrace. She's had a direct hand in making a complete joke out of one of the oldest clubs in the PL and now she's just taking the piss. She should be ashamed over the poor advertisement she is offering for the role of women in the game.

SouthStand Billy

It has to be said, i wouldn't turn me nose up to a slice or 3 of that Chocolate cake though...

The Pug faced wind up has really done it with that dessert tweet..

They are going mental about her.:dembelelol:

When the stadium migration was going through, all she would talk about was how great it was and how they are entering the next level blah blah blah. Every tweet was about how wonderful a job she had done.

Now she never mentions the stadium or West Ham. Not one word about the terrific deal they are getting for the naming rights, the one where they don't get a single penny.

I don't think there is anyone in this country who is as far up their own arse as she is.
She's probably blown a few trumpets in her time but she is an expert at blowing her own as well.
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