Come here to laugh at West Spam

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First pictures of the raid.....some of the board made a run for it, mental


SouthStand Billy

Oh my... I've been locked away in a room all day and heard absolutely nothing of this.. I've got a few pages to read by the look of it..

Just when you think their incompetence has reached it's peak, they produce yet another beauty.

I'll join in the laughing once i've read what's going on. Kumb is going to be fun..:dembelelol:

SouthStand Billy

Found this piece about tax fraud in football under financial fair play laws.

Last year, the Football Leaks consortium claimed to have evidence that clubs around the world have made secret payments to players to get around tax or competition rules.

At the time, Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore said his staff would push for β€œthe ultimate sanction β€” a points deduction” for serious breaches under Financial Fair Play rules, which came into force in 2013.

Sections T.13 and T.20 of the Premier League’s rulebook require full disclosure of all contractual payments to players, including image rights deals.

Another section - W.54 - describes a range of punishments that can be handed down by a disciplinary commission and that includes a points deductions and even expulsion from the league.

UEFA, who introduced the Financial Fair Play rules in 2013, state: "Non-compliance with Financial Fair Play rules can ultimately lead to exclusion from Uefa club competitions, although there is a range of less severe sanctions as well.

β€œRegarding payments made by clubs to players, Uefa expects them to be disclosed in a truthful and transparent manner since they are a key element of FFP monitoring.

β€œUefa club licensing rules also require that clubs should not have outstanding payments to social and tax authorities as a condition of obtaining a Uefa license.”

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