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Latest Spurs videos from Sky Sports

LLB Part Deux

"The man who fucked up TFC" - Mick Cooper
This from the BBC:
David Moyes has emerged from the dressing room and is speaking to broadcasters. He looks like he's aged about 15 years over the course of this afternoon

Bloody hell.

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Paddy Power

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Ugly scenes at The London Stadium where Mark Noble is confronting West Ham fans who are trying to escape from the ground.

Paddy Power


Looking forward to Patrice Evra's Monday morning 'I love this game' video featuring him being trapped inside The London Stadium while West Ham fans parade the head of David Moyes on a spike behind him.

Brady nonsense aside, I can't stand the 'Man City moved into a new stadium and won the league ten years later... so after you move into a new stadium?' crap.

Who the fuck thinks that's a logical question? Man City were/are bankrolled to a ridiculous degree. It's hilariously obvious that West Ham aren't run in the same manner. Why even suggest they'd emulate them?

It's just a fucking puff piece by the BBC to blow smoke up their chum Brady's arse. Might be worth keeping an eye on MotD to see if they savage the board in the manner they should (my money says no).
It’s a shame the ICF didn’t form a Real West Ham Fan Action Group and threaten people to March in protest at moving to a stadium quite clearly designed for Athletics, nowhere near the Vic, nowhere near Green Street and would dismantle and undermine the Real Workiing Class community feel of West Ham.
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