Come here to laugh at West Spam

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Seven Sisters

Hold my beer....
His letter - I am bored so let’s pick it apart

We have eight Premier League matches left to play and, if we win three or four of them, we should achieve what every one of us wants to achieve and that is stay in this division”

So it’s 3 OR 4 - let’s assume it’s 4. ambitious to expect a 1 in 2 win ratio. 1.5 points a game in a season which has so far produced 1 point per game. Good luck with that Mark. If you stay up it’s because there is worse than you. Not because you were “good enough”

Five of those eight games are at London Stadium and, with your energy and support from the stands, we will have a much better chance of getting the wins we need”

Playing in an Athletics stadium has generated 5 wins in 14 games this season. He’s tremendously optimistic that the (almost) 1 in 3 form can be switched & improved by 50,000 idiots singing Knees up Mother Brown from an impossible distance away. Delusion.

We need everyone to be together and to be behind the team, because positive vibes really do inspire the players on the pitch. On the flip side, negativity can undoubtedly affect players’ concentration and confidence, as I believe it did in the second half against Burnley

Professional to lose concentration? But if we do it’s your fault we lost, not ours. The comedy antics did not seem to affect Burnley at all. “Positive vibes” sadly don’t always cut the mustard when your playing teams better than you. Idiot. Football is not a complicated game, but it takes more than the wistful dreams of the supports to create success. Maybe buying some players instead of abusing the loan system might have created some Vibes (Gold knows a lot about Vibes by the way)

We need you all, full-stop, and we cannot perform to our best and win the matches we need to win without you. When you are on song, there really are no supporters better at inspiring their team than West Ham supporters

If that was remotely true they would a) not be in the puddle of shit they currently are in and b) would not have been kak the majority of their 100+ years.

Subjective nonsense that even Wet Ham supporters can’t possibly believe. It’s akin to saying the ugly one in the class is quite pretty really. It’s again delusion and deflection from the real issues.

I can understand the frustrations some of you are feeling. This season has not gone how we’d all hoped it would, but I would ask you to channel your passion to get behind the team, help us get through the season with our Premier League status intact, and we can sit down and reassess things in the summer

We can sit down? “We” ? as if this aggressive sub standard midget has any sway. He has about as much input as that silly wanker who ran on the pitch and grabbed the corner flag, he’s an employee. His letter has only been published because it’s been sanitised to ensure it’s on message.

This season has not gone how West Brom, Stoke, Southampton, Palace or even Everton would have all hoped. I don’t see any of them being “entitled” and running on the pitch protesting at, frankly, not a lot.

Just because your delusions have been shattered it does not give anyone a right to moan in the way they have and knobbly Nobel clearly has the same delusions if he has not got the balls to condemn what needs to be.

He’d have been much better off saying - “how dare you do this. We have no god given right to success. We need to fight and earn success” - that’s what I would expect from a Captain, mind you this sad Dick Van Dyke wannabe is really not a Captain.

We need the London Stadium to be buzzing for our five remaining home games, so please unite behind the lads and give us the best possible chance to deliver the results we need to stay up.
Come on you Irons!”

Covering the same old ground again. Putting it all on the supporters. The ground “Buzzing” might well help with pop corn sales but first and foremost is the professional pride necessary to earn the right to win. What happens if the Atmosphere is flat? That all the excuse your “lads” need to down tools and lose 0-3 again?

& the reference to “the Lads” - Jesus, how 1980 does that read? This is not your mates down the boozer, it’s not your pub team or Friday five a side. These are not “the lads” They are professional sports men paid a vast amount to represent the clubs values (I know I laughed too at “Values” with this mob)

“Buzzing” “The Lad’s” “positive Vibes” All scripted words aimed to appeal at the masses. Am I reading a script from a Danny Dier film? Awfully cynical letter this. Like Brady’s daughter’s promotion and the reinvention of Bobby Moore’s legacy. It’s utterly horrible behaviour how they spin absolutely everything.

Anyway, thanks for the letter Mark. You have proven that education was indeed wasted on you. I am reassured that you actually are as big a twat as I thought and nothing but an extension of the GSB axis of evil.

West Ham might be objectionable. But they actually do deserve better than you lot.

"aggressive sub-standard midget".

Lol. Sums him up perfectly.
To be fair, if we had moved there, knocked it down and made a better stadium then we could have killed them off.

Except now they are killing themselves, so therefore robbing us of the pleasure....

Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
He must just be trolling them now surely?

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Up The Spurs! Slava Ukraini! 🇬🇧🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇦
If we’d moved to Stratford it would not have killed them off, but it would have seriously hurt both clubs. Them at West Ham and us have both got a better option long term: us in a stunning, state of the art football stadium at our spiritual home; them in a large modern stadium, with bigger, passionate crowds ... for derbies against Millwall and Charlton.

I can think of several stadium moves that havent been a success. I can't think of a single one that has been worse than Wet Spam.

And seeing how much dosh there is in footie now via telly etc, it begs the question would they have got out of debt without moving at all? Over time they could have extended the chicken run; capacity of 40,000 would have been a sensible ceiling. Their all time record at Upton was just over 40,000 I think, against us just after Greaves and Peters had swapped. 2-2. On the Big Match too.


Where's the Kaboom?
Begs the question as to why they didn’t also bid to knock it down, build a SOA football stadium and do the same for Athletics.
Surely they would have won the bid. Newham Council would have made sure.
because that would have cost them money

what should have been the give away was when Mrs Brady old "scabby minged with dreadlock pubes its so long since she washed it" Lady started suggesting that they might change their name to West Ham Olympic. The second she suggested that, Spam supporters should have been rioting.

Instead they were all "new level....beat Spurs to it..wibble wibble wibble"

no sympathy. Fuck em
Because they are cheap fucks and took the option where the taxpayer would foot the bill
I understand both of you.
But this is what Gold said in February 2010. Just after they had taken over West Ham. ( I don’t think anyone read it in my earlier post);

They then blamed us for not letting them buy it.

So, if they could have afforded to buy it and do this with Nehams support. Why didn’t Newham back a similar bid. They would have won it. It was basically theirs form 2010. Nobody else was going to win.
Why didn’t Newham let them build on land they also own, in Canning Town, as was indentifed with the previous Mayor and owners.
They could afford to buy the OS and build a new Athletics stadium.
Newham opposed. wanted the site for homes, supposedly for council flats which the majority won’t be as they are building them now.

Also West Ham sold their plot to a company to build flats on.
It’s blatantly obvious that Newham and West Ham entered into a deal to get the place for zilch and that’s why the helped them put financially.
Someone is making lots of money from property. It stinks,
They sold themselves for a freebie, Newham saved face and lent the. £50m of the poorest borough in London’s money. They also have new offices that costs £100m +
The leader of the council was on the board of OPLC but removed himself from voting. Like he had no influence loaning them £50m . Tessa Sanderson was also on the board, but didn’t vote, she had a consultancy job with Newham. I suppose she had no influence on others.
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