Come here to laugh at West Spam

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Where's the Kaboom?

No fans should blame themselves.
You might not now remember the PR onslaught that we faced. Being made to feel that we HAD to move.
Spurs sticking their nose in (that's a whole other story) made many of us want it, just to stop them.
And why wouldn't we have believed the owners, what with them being 'West Ham fans'?


So it is all Levy's fault??
Why thehell not. There are of dumb cunts of our own who believe that. Some of them wanted us at stratford too

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Explain yourself, because if the only way for you to enjoy this forum is to malign other members then I feel sorry for you. Prove your nasty allegations or fuck off.
This is just retaliation Joe

Stop maligning me and stop engaging with me and it stops

Simple really providing you don’t Welch like you did last time


Don’t give me ultimatums. Anyway, don’t reply here. It’s not for this thread.

Not an ultimatum it’s a suggestion but you carry on as you clearly enjoy it
And you posted on this thread so I’ll reply on it as you’ve just edited your original post to suit your agenda

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Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser
There was a guy handing out leaflets at Romford last night, not many takers. Anyway, I thought everything was advertised online these days, I thought they had electricity in East London.

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