Come here to laugh at West Spam

I think it's bold to assume the playoff timeteams wouldn't struggle too (maybe less so Fulham).
I think it is a matter of time, if not next season, the one after. Once they do go down I see them being down for a while. They are going to struggle to fill that ground even with cheap tickets and their wage bill is huge.

They don't have the money to invest in the squad so they need to buy well buy well and hope DM can do a similar job that he did for Everton. I can't see it happening, best case is for them to scrape through each year.

SouthStand Billy

All is not well on the good ship hammer.
Apparently there is some moving of Season Tickets as parts of the ground is being changed slightly.People(in some cases from the same families) that have sat together years,at the old place and the new wont be together next season
GSB strike again
We dodged a bullet with that lot a few years back.

They think they are in a better position than us.

I think that Spurs are in a bigger hole than us. Whilst our cheap rent is offset by not having any other income from the stadium, Spurs depend upon that revenue.

Spurs' financial implications for their £152m Premier League money on Sunday

  • Tottenham have been used to top four finishes in the past four campaigns this season so will take a hit of £8.1million on what they would have got for another fourth place finish like last season.

    Chairman Daniel Levy will be hoping that results go Spurs' way on Sunday and £2.7million of that comes back into the club's coffers if they can finish in sixth.

    Every little helps right now for Tottenham who have estimated £200million in losses over the next financial year due to the football shutdown.


Declan rice needs to leave that tinpot club. He can play at a top 6 or 7 club easily

He is not good enough on the ball to be a top DM, he is a hard worker with decent stopper ability but if you think our some of our fans get pissed off with Winks playing a no risk pass just wait till Rice is passing off the pitch or to the opposition.

this is some kind of animal cruelty, surely
Anyone seen Dave Kidd's article in the Sun(I know,I know,but I got sent it)? It's about London rivalries ahead of the Brentford Fulham Play off final tonight. People all over Essex and east London are going to be frothing 😂😂😂
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