Come here to laugh at West Spam

Gold doesn't strike me as the type to own something and present it to a place so it can be enjoyed by the public.

Would be good if we've bought it, the only non-league club to have won it and a record that's never really looking likely to be matched given the gap at the top end of the game getting bigger. And seeing as we chucked out so much history of the club when we built the West Stand it's a chance of getting our hands on something we've won and called show off in our yet to be opened museum.

It literally says in the article he bought it then let the National Football Museum display it?

Any news from Milan?
THE most OVERRATED player EVER!!

In a 14yr career he's played just 182 PL appearance, scored just 8 PL Goals, EIGHT, that's EIGHT.

What A Cunt.
Absolutely reeks of desperation. Please buy me, please buy me I'm fit, I've been fit for ages, please anyone.

Imagine being fit and not getting into a West Ham midfield of Nobes, Rice, Snody and Anderson. Just how shit are you.
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