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Top Tottenham Hotspur goal scorers​

Below are Tottenham Hotspur's top Premier League scorers and the totals they have scored.

Totals are updated after each game and occasionally amended in the light of decisions of the Dubious Goal Committee.

Harry Kane16407 Apr 201416 Apr 2021
Teddy Sheringham9702 Sep 199221 Apr 2003
Robbie Keane9106 Oct 200207 Nov 2009
Jermain Defoe9107 Feb 200411 Jan 2014
SON Heung-min6920 Sep 201502 May 2021
Gareth Bale5101 Sep 200702 May 2021
Christian Eriksen5126 Dec 201328 Dec 2019
Dele Alli5022 Aug 201507 Mar 2020
Chris Armstrong4822 Oct 199509 Dec 2000

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