Come here to laugh at West Spam

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Nasim Pedrad Reaction GIF

But why, god, why?
why was it conte?
why was it son?
ill hate yids forever.

and their fucking chants upset me.


Now I'm a big fat dynamo!
Sullivan is apparently helping fund Laurence Bassini's bid for Birmingham City.

Googled Bassini and found this gem:

"In late 2019, a sex tape of Bassini with an unknown woman, had surfaced on the internet going viral. The sex tape prompted amusing reactions on twitter with one user stating "he must have been circumcised with an axe" and another user drew similarities between Bassini's miniscule penis and apparently low bank balance."



Tfc to a spammer. Sang ‘No fucking bubbles in Serville’.
No sense of humour.

told to ‘fuck off yid, I hope you lose tonight’.

reply ‘Tonight. You hope we lose every fucking game you thick cunt’

even with Covid, slapping em down.


The cockney cliché! It’s remarkably tragic. He’s bang average.. and the career isn’t worth celebrating
fucking ridiculous that this mug has been given the platforms he has. Average on his best days. His teams improvement is directly correlated to his removal from the team. By his own admission some of his biggest moments have been this season where he has essentially been a very unsuper sub. He’s an utter fraud and the game is better off without his twittery self indulgent nonsense.


Tier 1 - Trust me bro'
"I've probably lived....."

You'd defo want to be sure of that by the time you get to his age.....

You can take the piss out of him all you like, but at least he has the self awareness to realise that him being on the pitch would be sacrificing a result for the team... Winky could only dram about that level of clarity! :roflmao:

WTF is that slop on their plates?
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