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There doesn't seem to be a specific thread for commercial type stuff so started this one. If there is one, feel free to merge it.

The club have just got a training kit sponsor. Surprised this didn't happen years ago tbh:
On the one hand, I did used to like getting the training shirts precisely because they had no sponsor, so hopefully there will still be some items with the badge and no, or discrete, sponsorship available.

On the other hand though, money rules, so it's good to see us getting more of these partnerships and sponsorships in place. ManU have a sponsor for absolutely everything and we need to follow their model in that respect imho.

Had never heard of Getir, but like a good Spur I've immediately downloaded, signed up. At a glance, the range is pretty good, much better than I've found in Deliveroo or at least much easier to find specific products, prices seem o.k. and apparently they will deliver in 15 mins, promising...
I just hope we're getting a decent amount of money for it. The time to capitalise on this was probably at Poch's peak, but regardless I'm glad we have something sorted. Remember: some of the big boys make money by naming their training ground after a brand too. Fuck, United have an official tractor sponsor.
I wouldn’t say poch peak was very relevant to training gear. Not sure whether this is just for PL or if we’d wear it for CL. Anyway much more relevant would be social media following which is now double what it was under Poch. That’s where you’d mostly see training pictures.
Britain seems obsessed with having non-unionised people on sub-minimum wage, unencumbered by pesky little details like holiday pay and health insurance, deliver them things whenever they think they need it
I wouldn’t say poch peak was very relevant to training gear.
It’s just a question of the value of the brand. Potential sponsors want attention and they want it in a positive light. Spurs training for Barcelona is more valuable than Spurs training for Pacos de Ferrera.

And then there’s the question of packaging deals together. Front of shirt, sleeve of shirt, training gear, maybe the stadium naming rights. Once upon a time I think Levy felt there was a big opportunity to maximize that revenue in one giant deal, but clearly that’s not the case anymore.

Levy’s problem is always letting perfect be the enemy of good, so if he’s made this deal I’m sure it’s favorable enough.

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What next, official shampoo, or has that already been assigned?
I know this is the modern game, but the players are going to be like walking billboards before long - for goodness sake, the Pacos players had advertising on their backsides last week!

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This time next year rodders we'll be championship
Now we’re talking

this is the stuff that gets me excited

sod transfers and having a winning team , I won’t be happy unless we have a minimum of 20 new sponsorship and brand deals acquired this season

That is how this club should be measuring success , too many melts obsessed with on the pitch matters , get your priorities straight
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