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ENIC OUT NOW !!! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Might as well get this one going nice and early

We all know how this movie ends

Winks/PEH midfield, Doherty wingback, etc.
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you got to start asking some questions though. his lineups against these wankers in the last two games have been questionable to say the least. basically threw the tie tonight with that team. if youre going to throw the tie at least give gil a start so the fans can watch an actual footballer and get some sort of value for money.

doherty starting both games as LWB? if anything he actually deserves a chance on his proper side as emerson is dog shit.

i dread to think the shit mourinho would of been given had he selected these two teams against chelsea and the shit against morecambe.
Conte is already throwing his toys out of the pram going by tonight’s post match interviews.

It was never going to work out for him here. I don’t like him but he’s ambitious and with the right owners he will win trophies. But Spurs isn’t the right fit for him, I’ve said it since he was appointed.

And his 3 at the back can fuck off too.
Conte is already throwing his toys out of the pram going by tonight’s post match interviews.

Conte doesn't like to lose, there's nothing wrong with that. All top managers get very tetchy after bad performances and defeats.

The question is whether Levy and Paratici can deliver signings that will lighten his mood. We are not going to have a good season if we don't add some new players this window.
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