Conte: winners and losers

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Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
I'm not going to say anything until the new manager is officially announced!

Prediction: Conte is going to punish the squad with a proper, classical Roman decimation.

The squad is going to be randomly split down the middle in two groups of ten. They will draw straws to determine the 3 or 4 that get to sit out.

Then the individual groups of ten will draw straws again. The loser in each group of ten is beaten to death by the other nine. Anyone that refuses to participate is crucified to death on public display outside of the stadium.

Harsh but fair.

You been playing Crusader Kings again I see :levyeyes:
Hard to know before seeing what formation we will play but I’m convinced Dele will be out. Conte wants players to do what they’re told and not play off the cuff (which is the only way he knows how to play as admitted by the player himself).

Both the manager and players will need time or transfers though. Our problems aren’t going to be solved immediately. It’s a huge job for Conte, probably his hardest yet.
been thinking about it over night
if he plays 3-5-2
we need a LCB (need a left footer) so Dier/Sanquez out davies as backup/second 11
midfield think it could be shift round New real DM with GLC Winks Nodombele Hojberg the forward 2
up front Kane Son Dele backup new CF

its who has to go, remember Winks & Dele HG so need replacing with HG
with international break coming up
those not called up have their chance to impress the manager and understand what he wants
Dele, Winks, Dier has their chance to speak to and work with the manager/coaches so will have no excuse


Raw Ill give it to ya no trivia. Okay, some trivia
The man loves an odd reclamation project like Victor Moses becoming a fullback, Ashley Young in Italy, Alexis Sanchez post Manchester United. I’m not writing any one off yet.

Like it’s not fully out of the realm of possibility that by Easter people are calling Winks the English answer to Nico Barella. That’s the type of magic Conte works.
I actually think we have the perfect amount of time until the transfer window where he can figure out who the bad eggs are, freeze them out, but not lose the dressing room before selling them.

I said this to my BIL about Conte at the weekend, albeit about United and taking over lol.
Conte is a passionate manager. He will love the players with passion and drive so

Lloris, Tanganga, Dier, Davies, Skipp, Gil, Son, Moura.

The others will have to demonstrate it. Got to be worried on that front for Kane.


Looking down at Woolich again
One day soon, Mrs Kane may wake up with a horse's head beside her in the bed. Trouble is, she probably wouldn't realise it - just make it a nice cup of tea.


Tier 1
I could see Doherty being a winner out of this. He was never good as a true RB, but as a wingback he could be used more. Not saying he's the starter, but definitely would make the bench more and also play against the lesser teams.
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