Coronavirus Crisis

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Should we continue to have crowds at football stadiums?

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    Votes: 17 18.3%
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I think if season is cancelled we’d be back in champions league

They would have to just go again from this season because if they keep the top of the table as it is they will have to relegate all those at the bottom off all 4 leagues also.

I cant see everything being sorted by the 4th of April either. Just imagine that this virus has most likely stopped Liverpool winning the league and Leeds getting promoted.

Fucking amazing

The Swellhead Spur

Annibyniaeth Cymru
Of this season is cancelled it's null and void and they go off the finishes last year, those are the rules, also, weather LiVAR have enough points or not, they cannot be called champions until all 38 games have been played
Posted this in the Dippers thread, but it needs a wider audience. Absolutely love this post on RAWK:

"If the PL clubs somehow agree to voiding the season, they should be made to pay every single penny they have earned from TV back to the broadcasters, receive no prize money from the PL, and refund every single fucking ticket sale to match-going fans. And every player's contract should be extended for a full year (in effect giving them a year's pay for nothing). I would happily see half the league go bust - and the likes of Villa, Spurs, Woolwich, West Ham would be in massive trouble if this happened.

I'll be honest, if it ends up coming to that I'll be done with football. Deleting twitter, removing favourites from browser, cancelling Sky/BT, putting all my Liverpool gear into deep storage - the works. I'd happily take a week on a fucking ventilator now to get this title done."

I'm currently sitting top of a fantasy football league where I get to win 1100 Euros if I finish first. I have a healthy lead and still have all my chips left so I guess I can say I stand a very good chance of winning it. However, if the season is voided, I get to win fuck all. On the other hand, this would also mean Spurs remain in the CL and this would make me really happy. So screw the money and up the Spurs! The dippers not getting to win the league is a nice bonus, too.
Scousers on RAWK have come to the conclusion that two clubs, us and West Ham, have asked for the season to be cancelled and declared void, so now there's pages having a go at us for being snakes for wanting to do such a thing to them. They're absolute crackpots

Paul Gascoigne

Forum Jester
If this season goes to December, we could rejig the whole system.
World cup Jan 2022
African cup Jan.
So start the season in Feruary to May. Mid season break and transfer window June to mid Aug. Finale Sept to Dec.
Just think CL final in Dec so it will never be played in Russia again !
If your team fails, get spankingly drunk over Christmas then onto the new season.
The more I type this, it is obvious.
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