Coronavirus Crisis

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Should we continue to have crowds at football stadiums?

  • Yes

    Votes: 17 18.3%
  • No

    Votes: 76 81.7%

  • Total voters


The prodigal son. 🇦🇱🇺🇦🇦🇱🇺🇦🇦🇱🇺🇦
Fuck it. If it concerns the safety of people, they can end the season as it is, without any more games played. I don't care.At the end of the day, life is way more important than football.
Long winded claptrap!

Anyone who has seen the collapse ( and I saw it on the day), knows absolutely what they are witnessing. Explaining it away first as due to normal office fires, and later in such a pathetically convoluted way as you yourself have just done does not dismiss the blatant obvious.

Never mind the evidence that the first responders set a perimeter in place in preparation for the collapse they knew was about to happen - provable, and never mind the fact that the lease holder confirmed that he called for the building “ to be pulled” and watch the building come down - again provable.

Never mind the evidence indeed - just watch the collapse - it’s not a smoking gun - it’s a fucking confession!
You're literally too stupid for my time. Have fun on YouTube, tinfoil.
Scousers on RAWK have come to the conclusion that two clubs, us and West Ham, have asked for the season to be cancelled and declared void, so now there's pages having a go at us for being snakes for wanting to do such a thing to them. They're absolute crackpots
Posted this in the Dippers thread, but it needs a wider audience. Absolutely love this post on RAWK:

"If the PL clubs somehow agree to voiding the season, they should be made to pay every single penny they have earned from TV back to the broadcasters, receive no prize money from the PL, and refund every single fucking ticket sale to match-going fans. And every player's contract should be extended for a full year (in effect giving them a year's pay for nothing). I would happily see half the league go bust - and the likes of Villa, Spurs, Woolwich, West Ham would be in massive trouble if this happened.

I'll be honest, if it ends up coming to that I'll be done with football. Deleting twitter, removing favourites from browser, cancelling Sky/BT, putting all my Liverpool gear into deep storage - the works. I'd happily take a week on a fucking ventilator now to get this title done."

'I would happily see half the league go bust - and the likes of Villa, Spurs, Woolwich, West Ham would be in massive trouble if this happened.'

Someone needs to tell this dipper he's talking absolute shit.



Is it me or is this whole thing just an obsession with the Liverpool fairytale of winning the title. The world can end but as long as they pick up the trophy, surely times like these we can move on and look at the bigger more important picture.

Get all the footballers playing in June spreading the virus behind closed doors. We ain’t get back safely till July/August at the earliest and we ain’t risking players health finishing the season to start another. They just need to come to terms with it.
Although it was obvious how removed from reality elite football had become this has really thrown it in to sharp focus and I'm not sure I'm going to feel motivated to follow it so closely once it restarts.

I feel a bit sorry for the people (who I guess by this point are only UEFA execs and Liverpool fans) who are still determined for the season to resume as though it is the most important thing happening right now. It's sad.
Maybe it will be a 2-3 month break now, and then start it up again with finishing this season. Then straight away start the new season as planned in August?

Judging by the shitfight in Italy and news smuggled out of China, the peak of this virus will affect England in May.

It isn't some weird coincidence that Arteta, Hudson-Odoi and the health minister have it whilst overall numbers are still so low. They are just some of the ones getting tested.

The prem were hell bent on squeezing out that last game to get the media darlings across the line but they have left it too late and will go into damage control in the morning.

The "wash your hands and self isolate" advice will step up a notch into what to do if you have it as to not swamp the health system. Of which I'm sure it already is with real and imagined cases.

The prem once again have put the almighty pound in front of the fan and should be ashamed of themselves. Expect plenty of puff pieces about the prem were just sensibly following the advice from Number 10 in the coming weeks. I'm sure the discussions are already taking place in regards to advertising monies for favourable opinion pieces.

I've just cancelled my flights that I had booked for my first new stadium trip for the Everton game. I'm not waiting for these greedy cunts to do the right thing. They deserve to be sacked.
I think if season is cancelled we’d be back in champions league

They would have to just go again from this season because if they keep the top of the table as it is they will have to relegate all those at the bottom off all 4 leagues also.

I cant see everything being sorted by the 4th of April either. Just imagine that this virus has most likely stopped Liverpool winning the league and Leeds getting promoted.

Fucking amazing

The Swellhead Spur

Annibyniaeth Cymru
Haha almost.

Have you ever met anyone that likes Mrs Brown's Boys? I have been asking around now since it graced our screens, I've genuinely never ever met a single person that watches it let alone even likes it. Every review I've seen stinks the place out yet there it is, peak viewing hours continually.
My ex misses used to love Mrs Brown's Boys, that's why she's my ex misses
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