Could a new Manager (the right manager) change everything?

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Change everything? No.
Make watching us more enjoyable? Definitely.

Nuno’s tactics (if he even has any) have sucked the life out of the players and the fans and he’s clearly completely out of his depth at a club of our size.

I can’t wait for a change. Anyone* who can get this lot of apparently demoralised players playing decent attacking football again gets my vote.

*apart from Southgate.
The squad isn’t great, but yes after over 18 months of Jose and then an equally dull, drone with a beard - I think a positive, upbeat attacking manager will improve things
We're up shit creek without a paddle for the foreseeable future, me old fruits.

Every article I see where we are linked to a decent player, just makes me laugh as I know we aren't going to even get close to signing him.

Potter/Gallardo/Valverde et al mentioned by fans and posters on here. Our owners dont have that foresight to pick a manager with that sort of intent. Look who we have right now. Paratici involved for how many days, and Levy folds to his recommendation cuz £££.
We need a coach who can talk Levy into investing. One who can motivate the players and get them to buy into things. One who can spot talent. One who can be strong enough to drop rubbish, potentially even out of the squad entirely.
We fobbed him off early in the summer, just after I'd paid £1,200 for a season ticket.
Improve and play better football yes
Fix no.
Until levy and enic fuck off decent manager will come. The amount of interference
And penny pinching from levy will stop decent managers coming.
The fact we have some lazy, going through the motions players (see dele & Kane etc)
Until we get a decent scouting system in place - the one we have at the moment clearly doesn't work.

Whoever comes in needs to have the balls to drop Kane


Ignorant but enthusiastic
Even the best of the best need backing. With the present incumbents, nothing really significant can happen. The odd buy here or there but nothing to really challenge the paradigm that's been firmly established. Besides, no manager with any real ambition is going to come here. The last year or two has clearly revealed the lack of footballing ambition and highlighted the ENIC/Levy ethos. Only the very young or the out of work would consider it and we need experience and ambition. Difficult to be optimistic at the moment.
Ever see the film, "No Way Out"?
Some of you act like we have the resources and ambition of burnley.

Our spend is not the problem… we have bought like complete shit for half a decade now.

Leicester have bought better on less resources, hence the progress.

We really fucked ourselves by refusing to sell top players and replace them with young talent. We don’t have a reputation for developing young players and do have a reputation for refusing to let players go. Why would a young player ever choose us over Leicester at this point?

We also can’t buy 1st team stars because every top 4 team will gobble up the good ones before we have a chance. We will just get leftovers. We really fucked ourselves trying to operate like clubs with more spending power.
Just my opinion but I think a new manager would be likelier to make things worse than better.

Probably right. Unless it were somebody like Conte or Gattuso then the usual suspects would get a trot out at Clean Slate FC.

The senior players would just be marking time until the new manager gets sacked after we lose a few matches with aforementioned bench warmers.

I'd love a new manager but there is a stink in that changing room that needs to be aired out first. A club with as little ambition as Spurs will take years to sort out the mess. The only risks ENIC will take will be to do with property ventures and until we see empty seats like at the emptycrates, I doubt much will change.

Shame we have such a boring and cowardly caretaker manager to ensure that at least we won't have a little fun along the way. In saying that, I still dont want Matesin back in charge.
I think Poch and Levy actually got on pretty well?
They did work together fairly well and kinda both wanted to be closer personally than they were and were left to kind of fake it.

The two of them are profoundly different people, and neither one is the easiest guy in the world to get on with, but they both understood they’d found something good…for a time.
We're a pretty shit squad at the moment, to be fair. I don't know what anyone could realistically be expected to achieve. We've wasted a lot of money and haven't really competently replaced, much less improved, a single position from the 16-18 squad. We've ended up in a place where one time bench options, like Moura, are required to play a song in the first XI.

Part of it is underinvestment, but most of it is just poor talent identification and development. We've spent shedloads on players like Sanchez, Lo Celso, and Ndombele which should be forming the spine of our next generation but instead are leading the downward charge.

I suspect a top manager could paper over the cracks and maybe get us in the hunt for 4th. But all that would do is give us an excuse not to strip this team to the bones and start over. Sell anyone worth two coins.
How would Liverpool be doing right now if Salah decided to tell his teammates he dreams of playing for another team and wants to leave. Would Liverpool fans be calling for Klopp to be replaced?

Out problem is our best player has checked out - and refuses to be dropped and subbed in games.

The cunt bragged on Sky about wanting to join City whilst we were still in with a chance of top 4.
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