Could this be the end of Spurs?

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This is not just a one off hit. Pivoting from CL to no Europe is a 100M year on year loss of revenue.

True but remember our financial plans are not based on European football, that's a very nice extra not a staple, over the last decade European football has added an average 15m to out turnover and a fraction of that to our bottom line ... it's still far more important as a PR tool than for the cash it brings.

Spurs have played just five seasons in the top European competition since 1962 ... let's not pretend we've been part of the CL elite nor that we've relied on CL money, we haven't.

Our income has leapt up for one reason alone - a bloody great billion pound stadium in a city with plenty of uber rich punters to fill it ... we've barely scratched the surface of it's potential but over the next few years we will

No question 2019/20 and 2020/21 will be down, but they will still be in the top five highest grossing income years in our history, as for 2021/22 well who knows, my guess 650m.

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