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I don't know where to put this so I'll just put it into this thread.


Dier Number 1 , Lloris Number 2. Yikes. A CB AND GK our biggest chance creators . Worrying.

We really need a creative player. We really need to replace Eriksen still.

Dr Rocktopus

Our most creative players are Kane, and from the looks of things, probably Romero.

Gil looks very promising but I'm not expecting him to play much.

Ndombele has it in him, but unfortunately he also has several McHappy meals in him too.
Didn't want people getting the idea you thought it up yourself...but as long as you're OK with it...
I mean the graphic is obviously an image from the internet
and the bit about Eriksen is super obvious.

Anyway this is a bit of an odd argument.
The point is we have an issue in terms of creativity.


Airfixx's cup final
Case closed...Eric Dier is our most creative player so Nuno needs to move him to the 10 so he can get a tune out of these players. Most have had the bravery coached out of them but not our boy Dier. He's Spurs through and though. Maybe we need to drop Kane for Dier. Stats don't lie.
What is the context of this though. It says big chances created..but when?

The Villa game? This season? At least provide mode details.

If it's the Villa game, but either way those stats don't seem to add up to either one of those.
Our creativity has slumped since Eriksen left. Hope those who didn't rate him and wanted him out are happy now.
That's right but eriksen had checked out months before his move to inter.
Tanguy has the ability to be the creative spark, as does lo celso, sadly in over two seasons those moments have been few and far between.
A January singing of a creative midfielder should be our priority, plus a striker!

Danboy Totter

Property Portfolio FC - ENIC FC TIL I DIE
I’m sick of fans always clamouring for new signings to fix the teams problems

I think Matt Docherty should be given a chance in the creative midfield role
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