cunts who are goons

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Fucking hell, most of these you can guess are Woolwich fans just from their faces.

Case in point:

The dopey cunt got fined years ago because he played a professional round wearing that old cranberry Woolich top.
Plus he looks like a prick.
I'm gonna start by apologising....sorry, but please have a look at what is passing for "entertainment" nowadays.

Goons and Spammers together:



I'm gonna start by apologising....sorry, but please have a look at what is passing for "entertainment" nowadays.

Goons and Spammers together:

I actually think he's quite funny normally. Just going to pretend I didn't see that bullshit. Fucking hell, I lasted 40 seconds..


Kate Hooey....never liked that bitch. After I found out she was a Goon, I promoted her from Bitch to Cunt.
I'm sure we've had Merson already, but can I add him again?

PAUL MERSON COLUMN: Tottenham and West Ham stadium failure, Paul Pogba disappointment

"I didn’t know Tottenham had 85,000 fans anyway."

Well now you know horseface.

"I bet most of them don’t go to the Lane every week!"

Now we all know Merse is not the sharpest tool in the box but an average 6 year old can work out that with capacity at WHL currently around 36000, no, most of those 85000 probably don't go to the Lane every week do they now.

Cunt. Gooner. Gooner Cunt.
Steve Frater - Ex bookie cunt responsible for introducing fixed odds betting terminals to Britain and fixed odds virtual gaming online. He is one smug bastard (trousered over 200 mil from it all) and totally unapologetic for being a total cunt. He supports Woolwich.


Where's the Kaboom?
Just got back from a weekend in amshterdam. whilst arriving at Gatwick found myself about 5 places behind some gooner in a shirt. (no photos im afraid, this was in passport control.)
silly cunt does the ozil scissors thing in the automatic passport channel, when the camera is scanning his gooner face. silly cunt gets taken away for a bollocking by the customs bods in green channel. i assume he also had his arse probed for contraband
hitler was an ardent admirer of henry norris. it's said the dictator modelled the annexation of the 'sudetenland' on the disgraced property tycoon's invasion of highbury, in the years immediately preceding world war 1.
here he is, sporting the woolwich 1933 to 1936 kit in a rare photo taken for time magazine.

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