cunts who are goons

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Good fucking call on Jack Whitehall.
Seriously one of the most unfunny "comedians" I've ever seen. Obvious goon.
Posh fucking clueless twat.
Ever wonder why this man is so fixated on Woolwich?


I got chatting to someone who knows him well and it turns out Durham is a Gooner as well as a Peterborough fan but keeps it hidden (and purposefully anti-Woolwich sometimes) due to perceived bias. If you listen with with this in mind, sometimes he messes up and refers to Woolwich more personally.
What is certain is that he's a cunt.

Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"

Amazing that people thought we were "poor" in the 2nd half. We played well, were patient and stuck to our game plan, trusted in it. It might have been difficult to watch but that isn't down to us, it's the oppo, it was their game plan and they were hoping that we would be impatient and make an error and they can take advantage of that and maybe nick something. Non of that happened.
Who's that, the cunt of a singer from Spandex Ballett?

When I used to teach English I had to cover a sick teacher's class once, she'd left me details of the next bit of the book, an hour and a half lesson on the fucker's favourite object, an Arsen*l mug. Naturally I refused to do it and skipped to the next Unit. Got a bollocking, but my principles remained intact and football was the winner

What a pointless existence this cunt Morgan lives. Why would anyone follow him on Twitter? What would you be getting out of it? I saw those retweeted onto my timeline and, even though one should feel great that he's gutted, why does anyone follow that cunt? So many fuckwits in that fanbase.
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