Dele versus Jose (who would you keep)

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Dele or Jose

  • Jose Mourinho

    Votes: 7 7.0%
  • Dele Ali

    Votes: 57 57.0%
  • Get rid of both

    Votes: 26 26.0%
  • Keep both

    Votes: 10 10.0%

  • Total voters
Who would you keep? Dele and change the manager because Jose is to stubborn to reintergrate him into the side.

Or bomb Dele out and stick with Jose who will turn the situation around.
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Keep both. Dele has amazing talent but he's not disciplined.

We've seen this play out before with mourinho and he is usually made right in the end.

Dele was on the down slide before mourinho even arrived at the club.

I trust in Mourinho when he takes issue with a player. Dele needs to sort his game out and start being disciplined because he's at a crossroads in his career whether he wants to be a world class player or just another potential talent wasted.

The first 11 needs rebuilding. I think eventually dele will be reintegrated back into the starting 11
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