BTW Guido you have confirmed despite all your protest that it is indeed the shiny objects to which you and everyone else is attracted. You protest with his running, effort, pressing that is supposedly offscreen but two easy plays (simple footballing plays of positioning and controlling a ball) for which he was at fault and allowed MH to bear down on our backline make no difference to you. If they weren't farmers we would have been in trouble. But let's ignore the fact that he could hurt our team and focus on a nutmeg at 6-2. :mourweird:
We’d have Lo Celso, Tanguy, Hobo as the starting midfield, backed up by Lamela, Winks, Sissoko and Dele. That’s 7 midfielders, more than we need.

Up front, we already have 4 wingers and 2 CFs (if we get Venicius).

I know what you're saying but it's a long season, we're competing on 4 fronts. All it takes is a couple of injuries and then we're a bit short.

I'd leave the squad as is for now, we can always try to move someone in January as well if need be.
For the past 2 years he's basically been a guaranteed starter regardless of form. A bit of competition from Lo Celso and Ndombele and a spell on the sidelines might be just what he needed to fire a rocket up his arse and get him going again.

Mr. Voldemort

No More Mr Nice Guy

Dr Rocktopus

If that's what they offered I'd be extremely surprised if he just said "No". What's the French for Fuck Off ! ??

Fair cough

What about if Mourinhio told Dele that he gonna let everybody thing Dele is gonna leave to another club
But secretly, meanwhile he is training hard and gonna be a better Dele for the team and prove everybody they were wrong
Don't hold your breath.

I mentioned it before, I think, but Dele has had it way too easy for the last couple of years. With lack of depth and injuries he was a guaranteed starter under Poch and at the start of Jose's reign. He got complacent and thought he had made it.
I would give him till, definitely January, and maybe the summer to see if he can gets head down and work hard. HG and still young, so there's a chance he can come good again. Doubtful, I know.
He's under contract until 2024 (I think ?) so there's no rush to cash in.

Just to be clear, I think he will throw his toys out of the pram and ask for a move, but I'm hoping that he has that right people advising him.
Jose has proven there's a way back to the first team, if you work hard (GLC and Tanguy)
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