Dennis Cirkin

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Perhaps I'm over-optimistic (or stupid), but I'm quite confident that he'd do well as the second choice left back as it stands. Physically he seemed capable, had a nice technique to him, the only question mark is what happens when he inevitably makes a costly mistake (I don't see how you can avoid it as a young defender), does he pick himself up or will his confidence be ruined.
Fair play to him for backing himself anyway, clubs have much greater incentive to use you well when you're signed as their player than when you're loaned out for 9 months. Best of luck to him, hopefully there's a buyback clause and we can see him return if it works out.


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Can Cirkin play at 3 at the back or at wing-back? Can anyone tell?

He plays where he wants,
he plays where he wants,
Ooooooh Dennie Cirkin,
He plays where he wants


I don't get this at all, the kid is a baller.
Makes no sense to me. Sure, he has a few ahead of him, but Davies should be gone soon and the other two are not yet proven as high level PL fullbacks. If there's a low buyback clause then it makes a lot of sense, otherwise I'll be very unhappy with this.


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He wouldnt sign a new contract. Fair play to him that he wants to play and do things the hard way.

I don't begrudge anyone with such hunger... Too many young players prepared to cruise, knowing that once they've bag that pro-deal at a big club they're virtually set for life.
Absolutely and I thanks that's normal. But he's already quite strong and a very physical player, legs look well developed and has a frame that could fill over the next 5yrs or so. Biggest challenge the young lads have is to sustain a high tempo men's game for 90mins, most fade considerably after 50/60 mins (just look at Chavs team, press like mad then die and offer little in 2nd half, but then less effective when not pressing/resting/managing their game, so it's all or nothing).

Not sure where he's at exactly but everything looks to be way ahead of his peers (his age group) I think.

:pochsmirk: "Marcelo, fetch your bucket and let's watch this kid sleep"
Can Cirkin play at 3 at the back or at wing-back? Can anyone tell?

He can play LB and CB, very decent left foot, rarely uses his right but he's a lot better on his weaker foot than most. Gets up and down the left flank with a reasonable turn of speed, decent defender and decent attacker, not sure he's been tested recently as an out and out LWB - I'm sure he could cope but probably better as a LB ?
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