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The Fighting Cock

The Fighting Cock
Belonging means forgiving. Tottenham should really be this ultimate singularity of pride and identity. The club is the support it gets. THFC is the fanbase. We’re the blood running through what would be an empty vessel of bones without us all binding the fleshy bits together.

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What a great article.

Not ashamed to admit that I spat the dummy out big time on Saturday night. I turned it straight off at the final whistle and went and sat in the garden and spent the rest of the night and the next two days sulking.

I'd really convinced myself we were going to do it. The manner of it with the handball after 20 seconds and the way the game just slowly fizzled out from then on made it even more difficult to stomach.

It was Tuesday night before I could bring myself to watch the aftermath and see the players collect their medals. I've realised since what an entitled wanker I was being which, ironically enough is the very thing i despise the most about Liverpool fans.

Roll on Champions League 2019/20.

Keep it up, probably the only blogger who gets universal agreement from all the other spurs fans I know.

Well except for Harry 'self harm' Hotspur...
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