Do Spurs fans have a positive opinion of Stoke?

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Now honestly nothing.
A few years ago when you routinely kicked the shite out of Woolwich we enjoyed and supported you (for that weekend anyway). West Ham are 3rd on the list of teams we dislike (Woolwich then Chelsea).

I’m a stoke fan, and I was interested in knowing if Spurs fans root for Stoke due to our shared hatred for west ham and Woolwich. I think most stoke fans root for Spurs.

Mixed feelings to be honest. There's the Woolwich thing but on the negative side there's the Charlie Adam assaults on our players. I thought Stoke was a good addition to the PL. Good set of fans, tidy ground and it we often seemed to do well there.
Speaking personally, I hated Charlie Adam when he played for your lot, nearly as much as I hate Jack Wilshere .

But on the plus there's this

And Shelley's night club back in the day.

So you lot are all right.



The prodigal son. 🇦🇱🇺🇦🇦🇱🇺🇦🇦🇱🇺🇦
When Stoke had Mark Hughes, I couldn't wait to see the back of them, same as with West Brom/Pulis and Burnley/Dyche. With him gone though, I don't see why we would dislike them though, apart from the fact that they wear red and white... I have to say though, their hatred of Woolwich is admirable.
Stoke city are one of them teams that play to their strengths Burnley, WBA and countless others do the same which could be described as anti-football and we Tottenham tend to struggle against teams that play that way and we hate you for it but that says more about us than the opposition. I personally don’t pay much attention to stoke unless we are playing them then that only lasts for the 90minutes. Oh other than that prick James McLean but that’s a personal thing.
Have no real opinion of you but obviously enjoy anyone getting a result against Woolwich.

Enjoyed the 4-0s a few years back. That's when we were properly flowing
Don’t care now but hated them when they were up.....their fans booed Bale, booed Dele, booed Kane, booed Rose boooooo booooooo boooooooo, handball!!! Handball!!!! Boooooooo boooooo handball!!!!!!!!!

Fuck off
No problems with Stoke here.
Bit if a soft spot as it goes,my first match was against you in 1976. Jimmy Greenhoff ,(along with Billy Bonds and Steve Highway) was probably my favourite non spurs player as a kid. Shame he joined his brother at United. :)


Was very good mates with a Stoke STH when I was at college in Brum in the early 90's. Used to go regularly, so still look out for their results but win, lose or draw doesn't matter to me.
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