Do Spurs fans have a positive opinion of Stoke?

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Doesn't Stoke's hatred of Woolwich stem from Aaron Ramsey having the temerity to have his leg broken by Ryan Shawcross? It doesn't matter how much I hate Woolwich, as a human being I think that's pretty fucking low.

Iā€™m a stoke fan, and I was interested in knowing if Spurs fans root for Stoke due to our shared hatred for west ham and Woolwich. I think most stoke fans root for Spurs.

In a nutshell had no special like/dislike for Stoke, you were just another bottom half sloggers club with a novelty set piece routine.
Glad to see the back of Charlie Adams trying to hospitalise our players every match though.


Which one is Stoke ? The mob who were on Netflix or the ones with Charlie Adam and the bloke with the long throw ?

I get muddled up with it comes to bang average cloggers.

Sorry - only kidding guys, nothing against Sunderland, sorry I mean Stoke at all. Prefer you to Woolwich.
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