End Of 20/21 Season League Table Competition

1 Liverpool
2 Man city
3 man utd
4 Chelsea
5 Woolwich
6 tottenham
7 everton
8 Leicester
9 Wolves
10 Southampton
11 Burnley
12 Newcastle
13 Sheff Utd
14 West Ham
15 Leeds
16 Crystal Palace
17 Aston Villa
18 Brighton
19 Fulham
20 West Brom


If I am too late then never mind. I can check at the end of the season in case I would have won. if not, then I didn't technically enter!
As it's you ....you're in ! Good luck but no more now, first match has kicked off.
To anyone even dreaming of asking me following the game against Everton today the answer is :

No you cannot change your fucking entry :mourpoint:

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Following recent rumours of Bale, Reguilon and Dost coming here I bet you're all glad you couldn't now
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