***England V Czech Rep 22/06/2021***

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Furball man

I'm really dissapointed with england
So many passes goes backwards sometimes under no pressure
Bellingham comes in his first pass goes from the middle line back to Pickford and there was no pressure
Since the 40 minutes no shot on goal
At times , they remind me of Liverpool of the 80’s Always passing back


Formerly Known As Fatty1mate
Saka has been absolutely amazing as well as Grealish though. Only Sterling could be dropped on merit imo
Absolutely amazing? What games you been watching as this is the most boring England team I have ever seen play, Also Sterling has both our goals , so not sure how he could be dropped!

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
LOL, isn't that the wanker who's semi-famous for doing it?

My poor eyes!!! You know there is a spoiler button - please use it! 🙈
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