***England V Czech Rep 22/06/2021***

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I also think that playing at Wembley isn't doing us any favours as we get too comfortable and slow the pace right down. It's not like Wembley is packed to the rafters and the crowd are roaring the players on.
I agree.

I'm not a fan of this tournament format really. Most of the enjoyment of watching England play in a Euros or World Cup is watching them play in another country, different stadiums, fans behind them etc. This playing every match at Wembley is very boring.


Destroy the scum!
Can't see us beating France but I think we have a decent chance against Germany and especially Portugal.

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Already through so why not try a trio of Henderson ( get them caps up) Rice and Philips. Also sack off Sancho and play hmmm I dunno.. Ben White as an inverted don't push on wing back and then have

James -- Tripps - Walker as a three man right sided stay backs.

So here is the XI

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Johnstone
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Stones Mings Maguire >>>>>>> White

James Tripps Walker
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hendo (MAKE THE CAPTAIN) Rice Philips

And out all on his own Kane.

Then! Blame it all on Arry for Man City not stopping Liverpool win the league the other year or whenever it was.

hashtag scouse not english or something


Death to petro-murder-ball sports-washing.
Need a convincing performance to raise belief amongst the players; Gary's cowardly approach sure as shit isn't gonna engender any.
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I totally understand why they have to self isolate, but it would be nice if someone explained what this interaction amounted to and how these two managed to spend more time with Gilmour than any of his own teammates.
Or Clarke who was giving every one prolonged hugs at the end of the match??

Seems incredibly weird that not one other Scotland player has to self isolate.


England are more boring than watching paint dry. England are possibly more corporate than spurs if that is even possible.

as soon as we come up against a decent side we will get destroyed
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