England v Denmark 14 October 19:45

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Well, thank fuck this international crap is over. It's been 3 thrilling games England so a massive thank you for filling the Spurs void. It's flown by this break.

Massive Conte

I fully expect for Spurs to have their medical team block any English players from joining the England set up in November citing 'muscle fatigue'. Having Harry playing 90 minutes tonight when he's clearly not 100% is criminal. Ings hasn't played one minute since Wales, why wasn't he give the opportunity?

Southgate is a disgrace and with any luck he'll be sacked before the Euros.
Southgate is so incredibly negative.
Grealish is having a great season for Villa where he helped dismantle the best side in Europe, put in a Motm performance last outing for Villa so what does Southgate do? drop the cunt.....

Instead we've got a negative defensive line-up with a double pivot of holding midfielders and all our creativity and service to Kane is supposed to come through a couple of Chelsea B players.

You couldn't make it up
Why the fuck would Gary pick Mason Mount ahead of Sancho? I'd be gutted if I were Kane, seeing the players he's playing with. That's a shit team.
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