England v Denmark 14 October 19:45

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Airfixx's cup final; anti-English since 15/06/22
Only way to Kane score in this is a shot from midfield or a header. There's no attacking plan in England team.
Are you sure about this? I've been led to believe that strikers, in general, and harry Kane, in particular, means goals? But what you say here leads me to believe that a strikers goals are in fact not creating solely by their individual brilliance. Consider my eyes opened!

Massive Conte

Yeah that's it Gary you fucking worm. Take Rice off before the big game on Sunday.

Fucking maggot. I hope Spurs prevent our players joining the England set up in future International breaks this season.


"I brekka yorz back ind make-a yew humbil"
Wing: CM off / CF on.
Wing: Rashford off / Sancho on.
Rice off / Henderson on

No creativity on the pitch.

Need to be brave if you're gonna score 2 with 10 men. i.e. CM off / Grealish on.

Gary is a fucking clown....
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