****England v Italy Euros FINAL 11/07/21 8pm*****

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Change Michael Caine to Harry Kane & a photoshop the face. Happy days.

Found this on twitter :tanguythumb:
Rashford made a right tit of himself. Managers really should start stopping players from doing these silly run ups. Marcus couldn't have over-complicated his penalty any more if he tried.

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
So disappointing/disappointed. On balance of play, the Italians deserved the victory, we created sod all for probably 95% of the game.
Rashford's penalty was atrocious, don't know why people just don't blast it, at least get it on target, and if the goalie saves it, so be it
As a lot of people have mentioned, so similar to watching us under Mourinho, you just knew what was coming.
Turned the TV over as soon as they won it.
Only consolation is that the young players have had some invaluable experience of a major tournament.
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