England v Wales - Thursday 8th October @ 8PM (ITV)

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Mr. Voldemort

No More Mr Nice Guy
Not watching :dwi:... saw the line up, looked boring and was glad to see little spurs involvement.
Rather Spurs win a corner than England win these days. Get Gary Southgate the fuck outta this job
Was looking at the match but my neighbour called. He's just finished varnishing his front door so we're outside watching it dry.

Massive Conte

There are some truly shocking barnets in this England team.


Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser πŸ‘‘
I was struggling to recognise some of the players TBH - the honest truth is that I am not interested in other teams' personnel.

I can't even be bothered to google!
Fucking hell what a turgid pile of wank the England/Wales game was. Diabolical football. Like watching England under Sven or Steve Maclaren. Southgate is taking England backwards, largely outplayed for huge chunks by a fucking meh Welsh team. No structure, no plan, couldn't string 3 meaningful passes together.
Just realised the game wasn't even a proper game. As if this season wasn't over stretching players already, what utter fuckwit came up with the bright idea of squeezing an International friendly a couple of days between two nations league games. Breathtaking fucking fuckwittery. .
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