England vs Belgium [Nations League] 5pm 11/10/20

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Paul Gascoigne

Forum Jester
I haven't seen such a weird pick ever !

Why would you play Walker on the right wing and leave Sancho on the bench.
3 right backs?

I suppose that having seen Maguire play last week, he has decided that his main tactic is the Alamo defence. Surround Dier and Maguire with as much support as possible.
Trouble is Davy Crockett lost that fight !
Sorry correction Walker is playing centre back no 3.
After Chilwell there appears to be no-one?
This is the most depressing eleven ever!
Reminds me of Taylor's picks.

Paul Gascoigne

Forum Jester
Oh dear no left backs, no decent centre backs, no creative midfielders and Harry injured. Oh and a dodgy goalkeeper.
Surely this is the time to play decent alternatives

Henderson/ Pope

Trent Keane Mings ?

Sancho Philips Rice Grealish

CalvertLewin Ings


Mount isn't a bad player, but there should be no competition for a start in this game between him and Grealish.
He isn't bad but if he was playing for West Ham he'd be nowhere near the England squad. Grealish is miles better.


This could be cricket score by the looks of it

Should be 2-0

England set up all wrong. Can't play a high line with donkeys like Dier and Maguire in defence. Only Trippier out of the 5 defenders can actually hold the line.
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