England vs Croatia

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What also gives me hope today is that two of our better players, Kane and Mount, were ordinary, and we didn't get Foden on the ball anything like as much as we should have done so there's much more to come from him too. Kane won't be that ineffective against Scotland or the Czech's.

Who would have thought Phillips and Mings would be among our best two players before a ball was kicked today?!


Great team performance. Very solid; I never felt nervous. Croatia were not trying to do much with the ball, which made for a bit of a boring game.
Yeah. They really didn't did they. Am fine with that but fuck me, 8t reminded me what a baller modric still is. Couldn't get the ball off him


Good performance by England, got to say Kalvin Philips really impressed me playing further forward. Given Southgate stick but he got that right.


We would have won with Shaw and Chilwell too, and probably would have even been that little bit more comfortable. It's unforgiveable for me when both Shaw and Chilwell have been in such good form.
Pretty comfortable from where I sat: they had 9ne shot in target. Basically nullified.

I agree it's a weird decision but trips is pretty good right? So no harm done.
Sterling scores the winning goal and the interviewer asks if he thinks he's justified his selection

simon cowell facepalm GIF
That was unbelievable, such a shit interview


It wasn't rip snorting stuff, was pretty passive second half, against a Croatia team that's not in it's prime, but still a decent England tournament performance, which doesn't happen often, . Would still like to see more from midfield, 433 next time for me, maybe moving Mount back as an 8, or bringing Bellingham in.

I maybe wouldn't have started him but I thought Sterling was probably the MOTM, apart from the goal, he worked his nuts off without the ball, a lot of which goes unnoticed.

I am a big fan of Bellingham but Southgate is a cautious man, he is comfortable with the players he is using.
At some point in this tournament, I would give the only bollock I have left to see this team:




What for?

Winning a game you are expected to win, while making suspicious selections that some of clearly didn't pay off?
yeh as I said people are straight haters. I don't mind a difference of opinion but when it's fueled from hatred with no substance then there's really no point even debating.

People pre game cried and moaned about his selection and we just bossed Croatia with the players people were moaning about as the stand out players (Trippier, Mings and Phillips).
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