England vs Croatia

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Athletic are reporting

Walker Stones Mings Trippier
Rice Phillips
Sterling Kane Foden

Should only ever be Rice or Phillips for me, and Rice is the better player overall. I suppose if Henderson had games behind him he would have been starting over Phillips.

Trippier at left-back over Shaw and Chilwell who are both world-class would be insanity. If we start with that line-up we deserve to lose.


I also want to join the Trippier at left back outrage. I don’t think he’s better in attack or defence to Shaw/Chilwell. Southgate appears to have a hard time moving on from his World Cup performers. Pickford starting is expected but he’s worse than Rob Green.


I'm sure he must have played LB for Spurs at some point but I can't think of any games. I know we played son at left back when ben davies was on the bench
The match against Chelsea in which you referenced Trippier started as RWB, Son as LWB. I’m pretty sure Walker came on late in the game but as LWB, Trippier stayed on the right as his only ability was crossing from the right. Trippier on the left takes away his only weapon. People saying Trippier is making the team for his set pieces, if set pieces are that important than he should have taken JWP.

Furball man

Dusted off Fifa for this one . For some strange reason Croatia isn’t in the game so I played Poland.

Very frustrating game , we were all over them but every second ball fell to a Polish defender . They were a dirty bunch too. Somehow they scored , Pope was at fault then it was all England but we just couldn’t penetrate the defense. It took a Harry screamer to equalize & our pressure continued . They got a corner which lead to a pen , thankfully Pope saved it.
1-1 at full time but it was disappointing
Redemption is on the cards here.

Surely this Croatia side are past it a bit now.
Against any other team probably....... But against England, teams seem to always find that extra 10 percent when they play against us and put in maximum effort.

Hopefully we start positively and don't let up...... Set the tone for our whole campaign.
I admire the team's confidence. I fear it's misplaced though.

Why is it? England have home advantage and a better attack. The last few games have finished 1-2 after extra-time, 2-1 and 0-0. England have every right to believe they can win this game while also knowing they'll have to play extremely well to do so. People act as if Croatia blew England away in the World Cup, which is far from the truth.
Fun being a neutral for this one. That prospective back 4 looks pretty sus, and the midfield looks very uninspiring. I'd start Sancho or Grealish over Sterling but I suppose he has better chemistry with Kane. England probably also need a bit of pace to get in behind so I can see it from that perspective (although Sancho has loads as well).
I can see Negland getting good start. But we have to control the ball after, Rice and Phillips cannot compete with our midfielders. I just hope that Athletic lineup is correct.

Seeing Grealish out made my day 😂
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