England vs Croatia

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"I brekka yorz back ind make-a yew humbil"
Most teams would give a bollock to have two left-backs as good as Shaw and Chilwell.

It's just ridiculous. I have no other words for it. If I was one of them I'd chin the cunt.

Van Gaal, Jose, Gary.....

Shaw: "The world hates me!"
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Formerly Known As Fatty1mate
Southgate gets to much hate. Despite the fact that he seems like a decent bloke he has done a very good job in charge.
Honestly? The guy is a clown and his biggest achievement was getting relegated ! We have the best attacking talent in the whole competition but Gary want to play it safe! Imagine hoddle or even redknapp In charge of this group of players and we would be a match for anyone
Not impressed with that line-up at all. Extremely negative-looking, square pegs in round holes, and over-cautious. We'll see about the performance/result...but I'm not happy at the outset.
Sterling over Sancho and Philips over Bellingham are the only major issues I see.

not that bothered about Trippier at LB.

**To clarify as an Irishman I'm not at all bothered but watch on with interest and will support Kane.

Furball man

I vaguely seem to remember that when England’s first game is on bbc , we generally do well

surprised Grelish did t get a start
Agree, up to now - but he has decent options this time around and this line up looks woeful
let's see how the game goes. Other then Trippier at left back I wouldn't say that's a bad line up.

We needed 3 in the middle to counter their 3 in the middle. We would have got spanked had we gone 3 at the back.
Leaving out Grealish reminds me of when Hoddle steadfastly refused to play Owen in 1998.

When he eventually backed down and put him in..... He lit up the whole World Cup but it was too late.
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