England vs Croatia

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Trippier at LB?????

So he has to check back inside before crossing with his right foot????

Imagine the TFC meltdown if Poch had ever done this if he had any one of Shaw, Chilwell or Saka available.



Would much have preferred the below team. We have gone with a very strange team, it looks like we don’t want to use our attack in its optimum way. Also why is Trippier playing left back when we have Chilwell who is an actual left back.

Walker Stones Mings Chilwell
Rice Mount
Foden Grealish Sancho


"I brekka yorz back ind make-a yew humbil"
Well why aren’t they playing then? :mourcheeks:

To "balance the squad" apparently.



Does Southgate puts the 26 players in little papers and takes 11 by chance? What the fuck

Mate for some reason all England managers even foreign ones do the same, Scholes played as a left winger, Gerrard and Lampard played together but no DM etc.

England managers have had the players to win things before but they are dinosaurs mostly. Back in the 80’s playing the likes of Bryan Robson but not Hoddle. England could make prime Messi, Iniesta and Xavi look like cloggers.
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