England vs. Germany June 29th 2021

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How far behind is your stream mate?
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Absolutely buzzing after that

but my god, rice is shit 😂

Thought he did alright myself after a dodgy start and a yellow. I'll never be a fan of him and Phillips together as they're both pretty similar. Certainly don't think he disgraced himself. On the other hand I thought Phillips was almost as good as he was against Croatia. His passing was excellent at times when he could get his head up, and he won the ball more than anyone else on the pitch.

Would love to see Bellingham in there though.
I actually thought he did well, especially after the early yellow. He certainly tried to progress the ball more today.

He carries the ball out well at times West Ham. I'd like to see him for that for England more. Mind you, I do remember him trying it in the first half and he got tackled in a bad position, so maybe against the better sides he's better off playing a more simple game.
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