England Vs Scotland - Friday 18th June, 8pm.

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"Legacy Fan"

0-0 mate

Your bottom of the group and almost out the tournament.

You haven't even scored a goal.
England are allowed a shit performance in the group stage. As long as they learn from it. Pundits saying England were lucky to get a draw but xG was 1.6 to 0.7.

Poor performances happen. Better to get it out of the way now than after the group stages. What dissapointed me the most tonight was the tempo we played at, along with the awful substitutions that made no sense to anyone other than Southgate.

We'll beat the Czech's by a couple and everyone will be on board again. Football fans are generally the most fickle around.
Funny how Kane is never to blame for not showing up in big games by his biggest defenders.

If he wants to be the best and "win things" he needs to take some accountability when his team fails.
They were up against a superior midfield in every respect. If Scotland had a half decent forward, you would have lost today.

If your Mother had a nutsack...

Don't think anyone will say Scotland don't have a very good midfield if the right players are selected. But everywhere else, England are far superior, despite the result and performances tonight.
Had we drew 0-0 against the Croatian's and won tonight 1-0 most people would have been more than content. 4 points from 6 and with hopefully much better performances still to come is hardly a tragedy.
He was marking Che Adams not Jimmy Greaves, and Adams had a couple of great chances that he missed. Mings is no better than OK, but he is left footed which is an advantage.

Doesn't matter who he was up against, He was very good. I'm not making him out to be Chiellini.
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