England Vs Scotland - Friday 18th June, 8pm.

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end of an era
You lot mouth off and it’s Scottish pride and passion. We show any pride and passion and we are called arrogant cunts? By the way, are Scotland actually going to score a goal in the Euros?

Did one of the tartan army bum year Ma in a fountain last night or something?

You say we're a pub team full of skagheads. We support our team and acknowledge you've much more available talent a resources. That's the difference.
The best thing about yesterday was that tens of thousands of Scots descended upon London and, despite centuries of economic rape by England, there were literally zero disturbances or instances of anti-social behaviour.
Give it a rest mate

You voted to stay in the union, if you hate us so much and we are such rapists, then maybe your people should vote to be independent


www.curling.com Here to help.
It will have to be better than the one you gave us, which would appear to have been your greatest victory since your 1-1 victory against Iran in the 1978 World Cup.

I predict a 0-0 whimper.

10 days, 2 points, no goals...... And statues all round!

The winners of tonight's game do a lap of honour at Wembley to celebrate their 0-0 victory and their bottom of the group place.

Championes, championes, Ole, Ole, Ole
One day UFEA will come up with a format where all 4 teams qualify from the group instead of 3 and Scotland will eventually make the knockout phase of a tournament….:sonlol:
Still gutted about the performance last night, I thought today I wouldn't give much of a toss by now. As a big fan of Foden I want to see him have a breakout tournament where he really announces himself as one of the world's best talents. That's not happened yet, it's not been allowed to happen. I also obviously want Kane to show what we all know what he can do, and score goals. Yesterday Che Adams looked the better of the two, and by a distance, yet doesn't have a quarter of Kane's ability.
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