England vs. Ukraine July 3rd 2021

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Astonishing England, absolutely loved that.

Christ knows Southgate gets bucket loads of dogshit on him all the time on here, but I love the bloke, he's an outstanding national manager, and even more so, a tournament manager. Well, him and his team, obviously. For every "boring", there's a "careful". For every "Why doesn't he play...." there's a calculated reason why he'll introduce said player and take the other off. He deserves so much more credit than the idiotic ridicule he gets here and elsewhere.. I said it a few years ago, our best manager since Venables, he may even go further than that.

God knows, I don't want to jinx things, but there's a whiff of Ramsey about him (who, let's not forget, was loathed at the time)


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A Scotsman an Irishman and a Welshman walk into a pub,

There’s normally an Englishman, but he’s still at Euro 2020...
We are huge favourite Vs the Danes, at home.

Gonna smash them very similar to tonight.
Not the most popular view I know, and apologies all round, but I was hoping the Czech's won this afternoon. We need to put this "fairytale", "everyone's second team" thing to bed. Coldly, clinically, Harry hat trick stylee.

I don't give a gnat's twat about them being "everyone's second team", they're not my first team.


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The last 20 years of England vs Ukraine:

10 Sep 2013: Ukraine 0-0 England – World Cup qualifying
11 Sep 2012: England 1-1 Ukraine – World Cup qualifying (Lampard) (Konoplyanka)
19 Jun 2012: England 1-0 Ukraine – Euro 2012 (Rooney)
10 Oct 2009: Ukraine 1-0 England – World Cup qualifying (Nazarenko)
01 Apr 2009: England 2-1 Ukraine – World Cup qualifying (Crouch. Terry) (Shevchenko)
18 Aug 2004: England 3-0 Ukraine – Friendly (Beckham, Owen, Wright-Phillips)
31 May 2000: England 2-0 Ukraine – Friendly (Fowler, Adams)
Ukraine are anything but a walk over and this match won't be easy at all, we are rightly favourites, but if we underestimate them we will go out.
Shearer's got some front, stalin would be blushing with that history rewrite, talking about 'kane doubters' when it was him at half time v Germany , that said 'patience will be wearing thin'
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