England vs. Ukraine July 3rd 2021

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www.curling.com Here to help.
The tune is much tighter than I remembered (maybe I just listened to it on LP), Flav is on point in that jam.

Prime Public Enemy cannot be fucked with! ...The first 4 albums are immense!

If you haven't checked it in a while; watch the 'Can't Truss It' video (not just the song).... Hard as fuck.
Just watching Merson and he asks the pertinent question-which Danish player gets in the England side.
Schmeichel? Our guy?
Ooh, naughty Peter-see you next Tuesday..

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
Pay Me Kim Kardashian GIF by GQ
Well obviously, but wouldn't have thought his BBC contract would allow it.
Well done England and well played Southgate who's done a very good job rotating and making this group a very tight one, especially hard with the competition for places.

The Sterling dribble and ball to Kane was top class but it's not been mentioned much, overall he had another good game as did Harry obvs. Everyone played their part, Shaw excellent, McGuire too.

Southgate is very likeable, not the best manager tactically but he's very astute in other ways and is learning through this experience.

A real team effort tonight, admittedly against an average side but they made it look very easy. Hoping for more of the same Wednesday.
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