England vs. Ukraine July 3rd 2021

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Furball man

Watching the highlights

we were like flies … no bees .. on honey .. no fuck bees make honey … wasps maybe ?
Ants , albino ants .. the panda ant , which is actually a wingless wasp ..

anyway we were like something on something yellow

Fuck you all
Like many teams a weak group and easy draw is why they got as far as they did.
Ukraine was easily the worst team left in the tournament (debatably the worst that made it to knockouts).

they finished 2-3, but made the quarters. Ironically also lasted longer than both teams that finished ahead of them in the group.
Southgate is shit...Southgate is negative...Omg Southgate is going to get the spurs job...blah blah blah blah blah.

Another semi final in a big tournament. Southgate proving the haters wrong again.
You’re always ready for that potential banana skin as an England fan (as a Spurs fan too) but this ain’t your average England team.

We were so confident and composed. It’s a fucking joy to behold. Momentum is a powerful thing and we’ve certainly got that now.

Managed to wangle a ticket to Wembley on Wednesday and cannot fucking wait. Should be a special night
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