Eric Dier


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Where are you Iggy Pops? :mourear:

I'm sure his response to this performance would have been that he didn't really have to do much but clear the ball when it came to him and that Alderweireld was the one who was making all the tackles (and will point out the excellent Toby slide tackle in the first half) etc.

He'd probably also say Auriers performance was shit and continue to slag off Hojbjerg.
Igula Igula

Where you at, Iggy Pops? :mourear:
In Dante's Inferno (the bin)

Being forced to watch Dier's highlights on a loop, all the while he's screaming "I wish Dier was injured"

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I've not really been slagging him off the last year or so but I must admit that I did think he had peaked and wouldn't get back his form. That at best he would be a squad player and we should buy in a replacement. But he has returned to form. Fair play to him. And Jose who obviously knew what he had still. And we him more than ever now with Toby out for a while.
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