Eric Dier

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leviticus 20 13 "The cunts end up on ignore"
Erick Dier vs Leeds you motherfuckers!

"But his passing was shit"! "he was shit"


AnYoNe cAn Look GooD iN a YoUTuBe cOmpiLaTion


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I didn't realise just how good his forward play and passes were in this game.
He was excellent in defence as well.
He will be one of the first names on the team sheet under Conte.
Yep. So many line-breaking passes to the feet of the front three.

The problem was Phillips was great vs Kane and Lucas also lost the ball once it was passed to him. This is just a product of these players struggling with what Conte wants. Which I think (judging on his previous teams is for them to play a first or 2nd touch lay off into WB's or underlapping player. If you rewatch the front 3 losing the ball each time, whilst frustrating it also wasn't just on them as the player to lay the ball off to simply wasn't there. So there's a long way to go yet.


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As soon as Romero is back and Rodon integrates Dier should be nowhere near this team
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Weird comment to make after today's game, he was actually good when he came on. Head and shoulders above the other shower of shite around him at the back.

I was extremely down on Dier when he seemed to still fancy himself a midfielder long past the point where his speed and mobility had deserted him.

But he has looked quite good in the middle of a back 3 under Conte. And he's been good enough, frequently enough, that I don't think it's some sort of a fluke. We've got problems, but Dier isn't one of them anymore.
You could see the difference in passing when he came in for Rodon. He's just a better footballer and can play the passes Conte wants from his CB.
I'd agree, but he needs to calm on the long balls.

The long ball one he plays right before Mura scored was awful, it was getting to any Spurs player, things got a little chaotic, and saw exactly how Davies and Sanchez perform when that happens.

Dier there needed to play it more safe. Tanganga was in a decent amount of space.
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