Europa Conference League vs St. Totteringham Day

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Which is rather less painful and embarrassing

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Which would you rather pick?

Conference League is an embarrassment of a competition and we will get bantered for the majority of next season as the first english side to ever qualify to that lowly competition

St. Totteringham Day will also be very painful after the season woolwich have just had, but they will also become a barrel of laughs if they qualify to that banter competition.

IMO I would pick finishing below scum and completely miss out on european football next season. It will be painful for a couple of weeks but we will also get to laugh at woolwich for being in that competition.

Also, lack of Europe will enable the new coach to work efficiently with smaller squad plus free weekdays which is going to improve our league performances and better chance of winning domestic cups.


SE23 in the streets, N17 in the sheets
I couldn't care less about being bantered. I support Spurs, I'm used to it. Our fringe players should easily be able to navigate most of the early stages.

If your desire is to avoid being "bantered" then surely you also want to avoid "St Totteringhams day", which is also just banter?

Fuck the Woolwich either way. 3 points today please and whatever comes with it.
There’s a another option which would avoid both horrible outcomes: Everton get 7th and the ECL and Woolwich get 9th. We finish 8th so no ECL and above the goons again.


I can understand Woolwich gloating if they were top 4 and we were 5th. But sneaking into the European Conference League in 7th and crowing about it is absurd. Both clubs are finishing below a David Moyes West Ham. Neither of us should be anything other than be ashamed. For me usually Europe is better than no Europe, except this Conference League shit will wreck your next season to give you the booby prize of Europa League if you win it ! It’s ridiculous and really, all things considered, I’d rather not. So 8th for me (although we could well be 9th yet if Everton do the impossible) we will lose today I suspect so Woolwich can have the bragging rights, let’s not forget how much finishing above them matters to the players. Eg 2016.
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