Europa League 2020-21 - Quest For Glory

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Now I'm a big fat dynamo!
It's come to something when I honestly don't know if this is a joke or not?
It's a joke. Some of those clubs a re real (like Torshavn). But look at the El season's wiki page for the true list of the teams that we could face in the draw.
How do they choose the home team? Lucky draw or seeded. What happens if in a Country where you have to quarantine on return. Not so simple this year.
I was at that game. Right behind the goal when he scored.

Eric Dier's was my favourite. What a debut!
Wink's was just pure joy. Gotta love that guy.
Dele's was exactly the kind of goal we bought him for. Balls-out going for it.
Preeeetttty sure Sissoko's was going out for a GK before it took a deflection (sorry, Moussa)
Tanguy's technique for that finish should shut up all the doubters (assuming we get a CDM to allow him to play under Jose), but it won't. It was going just inside the post and the def's leg pushes it further inside (in case you thought it was a flukey shot). Checkout 10:49 for the best angle.
GLC's.... WT actual F.
Stevie's was probably the most classy, to be fair.
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Moaning isn't moaning if its about our other fans.
You’d like to think that we’d move quicker to get deals done prior to this so we have a stronger squad to get it over the line. Would make a difference but will it honestly happen. Knowing our lot it won’t it'll go the other way.
You wait when jose leaves out ndombele for the squad against barry town.
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